Products and Services

SWS offers a diverse list of services in order to satisfy any wetland mitigation or restoration need. We can assist in the creation of bottomland hardwood, cypress tupelo, fresh, brackish, and saline wetlands. SWS offers its clients the ability to choose SWS’ involvement level in a project regardless of the project size or budget. The most common service SWS’ customers are looking for is a one-stop shopping experience. This turnkey service includes project design, GIS map production, permitting assistance, land acquisition, construction, plant production, plant installation, and monitoring.

With the diversity of products and services SWS has to offer, it is clear that SWS can be an asset to any company or individual in need of mitigation services. SWS is a well-established company that achieves the highest level of service in the industry.


Project Design
Construction Oversight
Herbaceous Plant Production
Herbaceous Plant Installation

GIS Map Production
Turnkey Contracts
Onsite Bottomland Hardwood Tree Planting
Nuisance Vegetation Control
Long Term Land Management
Beneficial use of dredged material monitoring and management
Mitigation Banking
Permittee Responsible Mitigation Plans (PRMP)

Our Nursery

Fresh Water

  • American Bulrush

  • Arrowhead

  • California Bulrush

  • Cattail

  • Giant Cutgrass

  • Gulf Coast Spikerush

  • Louisiana Iris

  • Maidencane

  • Pickerelweed

  • Soft Rush

  • White Water Lilly

Salt Tolerant

  • Bitter Panicum

  • Black Mangrove

  • Black Needle Rush

  • Gulf Cordgrass

  • Marshhay Cordgrass

  • Seacoast Bluestem

  • Sea Oats

  • Seashore Paspalum

  • Smooth Cordgrass