Golden Pass LNG Beneficial Use Project

The Golden Pass LNG Beneficial Use Project was a three phase project that resulted in the restoration of over 2,000 acres of fragile marsh located in Port Arthur, TX. Stream Wetland Services (SWS) partnered with Ducks Unlimited to manage and monitor the placement of over 3 million cubic yards of dredged sediments. The sediments were mobilized from the Golden Pass LNG terminal in association with maintenance dredging activities. The restoration site is located on Texas Parks and Wildlife land located approximately 3-5 miles from the dredge location. SWS provided daily monitoring services, weekly reporting, water quality management, elevation monitoring and tracking, and quality control. Over 200 elevation grade locations were monitored so target elevations would be achieved. This unique unconfined Beneficial Use project is one of the largest of its kind and resulted in the successful restoration of over 2,000 acres of tidal marsh. SWS also provided post construction sediment tracking and reporting during the consolidation process.

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