Coastal Wetlands

Vegetative plantings, terracing, marsh creation, beneficial use, and project management are just some of the services offered through SWS.

Wetland Vegetative Planting Projects

Marsh Terracing Projects

Beneficial Use of Dredged Spoil Material Projects

Mitigation Banking

Bottomland Hardwood Wetlands: SWS currently manages 13 bottomland hardwood mitigation banks that encompass 3,875 acres of wetlands across South Louisiana. These banks provide mitigation credits for both individuals and private entities to purchase for their mitigation needs. SWS’ banks have been showcased for their success and provide the many functions and values that bottomland hardwoods produce.

Cypress/Tupelo Wetlands: SWS currently manages 5 Cypress/Tupelo mitigation banks that encompass 573 acres of wetlands across South Louisiana. These unique wetlands provide critical habitat for numerous species of birds, fish and mammals, and are some of the finest wetlands in SWS’ inventory.

Permittee Responsible Mitigation Plans—PRMP

SWS can provide its clients a site specific PRMP that will satisfy their mitigation needs. These custom mitigation projects are uniquely developed with the client’s permitted project in mind and then submitted with the permit to help expedite the permitting process. SWS can provide a turnkey PRMP mitigation project which includes land acquisition, project plan development, permitting assistance, project construction, and monitoring.