Lower Neches Old River Unit Beneficial Use Project

The Lower Neches Old River Unit Beneficial Use Project was designed to create and nourish over 500 acres of tidal marsh. The project is located in Bridge City, TX just north of highway 73 on the east side of the Neches River. Hurricane Rita and Ike deposited sediment in the Sabine River resulting in navigational restrictions for the Port of Orange. A hydraulic cutter head dredge was used to beneficially place the sediment within the project site. Stream Wetland Services (SWS) provided monitoring services during the placement of the material. water quality management, impacts to fish and wildlife, elevations, and containment were monitored during construction. SWS staff utilized over 100 elevation gauges during placement to ensure target elevations were being met. SWS has also provided post construction monitoring services to track elevations as the sediment consolidates.

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